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"… killing yourself amounts to confessing. It is confessing that life is too much for you or that you do not understand it… It is merely confessing that it ‘is not worth the trouble.’ Living, naturally, is never easy. You continue making the gestures commanded by existence for many reasons, the first of which is habit. Dying voluntarily implies that you have recognized, even instinctively, the ridiculous character of that habit, the absence of any profound reason for living, the insane character of that daily agitation and the uselessness of suffering"

- Albert Camus - The myth of sisiphus 

(Source: conception-of-reality, via 25mileswest)

Anonymous said: 7 - 24

7.Talk about your biggest insecurity. 
That would be the fact that I’m shy and awkward when surrounded by a group of people I don’t know. 
24. Talk about something someone told you that meant a lot.
Hmm, A girl said I’m her ‘simple pleasure #1” during a very emotional night :)

thoreauurlifeaway said: Your boots from coolest humans are perfect! Been wanting a pair haha.

Aww thank you, hopefully you’ll find some soon :D

dagrey said: 40

40. Talk about the end of something in your life:
Well, I got out of a long relationship this year, and it changed me a lot. I can never go back to being the person I used to be. I’ve changed so much I’m not myself anymore.

spyrocoollp said: Hello! New follower here! (Question 8 please!)

Hello Hello!
8. Talk about the thing you are most proud of:
Well, i’m proud of the fact that I can skateboard and land some tricks, n I’m glad I started skating when I was a kid :D

aurelyah said: 35

35.Talk about things you wish you could stop doing.
I wish i could stop smoking. I also wish i could stop over-thinking.

sweetlilnectarine said: Hannibal S2, American Horror Story: Coven, or Supernatural. Decisions, decisions!

I’d go for American Horror Story, but im not so keen on series idk

sweetlilnectarine said: Not much, went for a drive because I didn't want to sleep and now I'm back home just tumblr-ing. Relishing the fact I don't have to work tomorrow and debating what tv series I'll binge watch hehe

hah, well on my side of the planet its 10AM n ive been up since 6 for no apparent reason. What series are your options?

sweetlilnectarine said: Hey! I saw your pic on a submission and checked out your blog. You seem like a pretty cool cat and I adore your photography. How's it hangin?

Hey Hey! Why thank you.
It’s hangin alright. You?

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